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     Employees must have dressing rooms which attributes ?

Employees must have dressing rooms which attributes ?

When we examine the safety regulations and the changing rooms with lockers on the items to hit our eyes:

 50 - for employees who must wear clothing, adequate size, adequate lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort and has the hygiene conditions, and separate changing facilities for female and male employees are provided. In places other than changing the location of the employee is not allowed to change their clothes. Locker rooms to be easily accessible and of sufficient capacity and sufficient number of seats available is provided here.

  51 - lockers large enough to put the clothes in the locker room during working hours for each employee are kept. Humid, dusty, dirty, two-part or two separate wardrobe are provided side by side with dangerous substances with similar jobs in the working places and work clothes to be kept in separate places of external dress. Dressing is the dress of employees in workplaces where smoking should be separated by a suitable place to put it.

These substances as well as the resting place of the existing regulations for spots such as shower environment. having the characteristics which are required to be understood from the first chamber wherein the substance is:

  The fact that under appropriate conditions of temperature

  To conform to hygiene requirements and therefore with the utmost attention to humidity

  arranging separate rooms for male and female employees

  Having two separate compartments for storage of goods and daily goods registered the

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